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Class 1 - 10

Why us?

  • Our teachers are Experts in Maths & Science who simplify complex concepts through real-life examples. 
  • We make students practise questions papers from various textbooks so that students can understand the concept with ease.
  • We make students solve the exercise-wise problems for a better hold on the concepts. 
  • Our brief explanation of important concepts enables students to understand the concepts effortlessly. 
  • When students have doubts about concepts, they can get expert guidance with a broad experience in the education industry at ELTEIIT.
  • Our shortcut tips and practical examples are simplified to help students score well in the exam. 
  • Our solutions are designed in a lucid and accurate form to encourage students in solving complex problems in the most efficient ways. 
  • We at ELITE have formulated the solutions to enhance the performance of students in the annual exam. 
  • Our chapter-wise problems are exam-oriented to help students score well in the annual exam.
  • We make students practise the exercise-wise problems, which will ensure students excel in their final exam. 

Class 11 - 12

Why us?

  • Class 11 has a variety of subjects, divisions of streams.
  • The three streams of Arts, Commerce & Science has a wide array of subjects which fall under them.
  • For Arts / Humanities students history & political science are compulsorily for Class 11.
  • For commerce students, Business Studies & Accountancy are the main or compulsory subjects.
  • For Science students’ Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology are compulsory. Biology is an optional subject. 
  • Class 12 is one of the most integral grades of every student.
  • Class 12 board exam is one of the most fundamental exams of every student's life.
  • These exams are a prime aspect that helps students creates a smooth path for their career and higher studies.
  • Scoring good marks in class 12 is the key to getting into top-notch and prestigious universities for your higher studies.
  • With our Right study materials & Top Mentors, students can now achieve their desired marks.
  • Our teachers have vast experience in training PUC Students to ensure that the students gain optimum knowledge of complex concepts.
  • Our teaching methodology & Lesson structure are in such a way prepared for students to get ready to face the exams at least a minimum of two months before the final exam so that students do not experience extreme anxiety during exams.
  • Students can follow our advice & methods - Regular practice, practice previous questions papers, maintain a good schedule, revise every topic, do some sport activity, stay positive, get enough sleep.
  • What you have learned so far consistently, don’t forget to practice and revise. Practice is the key to your success.

Our Results

Exam Toppers



Gautham M

SAINIK - 99.8%


IBPS - 98.6% 

Divya B

CET - 99.1%

Aravind S

CA - Rank 8

Rohit B

CS - 99.5%

Gouri G

Class 12 - 99.5%


Class 10 - 100%