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A article for PUC chemistry students

PUC Chemistry tips for Students:
Being a chemistry trainer I would like to tell all the students about this subject. Especially for the students who don’t like this subject. If you ask me, chemistry is a beautiful subject having so many colors in it. And colors of chemistry are nothing but “Reactions”.
How to remember reactions and sometimes their derivations is the question for all students. So while solving the derivations focus on following points:
 Use logic, which is their behind every reaction.
 Try to relate reactions as well as derivations to real life examples.
 Correlate them with examples which you see every day and definitely you will remember them toughly.

In case of reactions, important points are:-
 You should be knowing atomic weight, atomic mass number and from them how to calculate molecular mass etc.
 You must know how to balance any reactions.
 You should know how reactions will get mixed and how products will be formed.
 You should know nature of reactions & products.
Just go through all reactions and do the practice of solving derivations, which will boost your confidence to solve the derivations in exam.
“Read it with the interest and chemistry will be interesting” is the magic of chemistry.
Tips of DCET EC Subject:
The syllabus for diploma CET is really a huge. Students have their syllabus of EC for CET as well as so many extra points with it. So, some instructions for students are:-
1. The things those were there in your syllabus focus on them first. Because as you already know them and already given a theory exam those are now easy to remember.
2. Then once you are confident about this portion, go through the important point which is particularly given for CET.
3. Remember all the formulas and reasons behind them.
4. Sometimes, questions will come in CET, in which answers will be hidden somewhere, so read the questions carefully.
5. Sometimes, you are finding to solve the question, use a reverse way, go through the options and try to get answers.
6. Always remember the units of values or at least you should be having an idea how to get its unit.
7. And most important thing, always remember, multiple choice questions are the easiest questions or an exam you are giving. Become till now you have solved the questions without any hint, here at least you have some options in front of you. So be confident and choose the option correctly.
8. Don’t spend much time on a single question, may be the next question is easiest one.
9. And last, be confident, Relax and smiling when you will go for exam. Believe me it helps a lot.
“Your half battle is over there”.
All the best…!!!

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