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Unlike in the US, it’s not a faulty gun law that’s killing Indian kids. Here, we have another way to kill our children. It’s called exams of any kind .many children have committed and attempted suicide. And all the suicides were attributed to examinations.
It’s not just board exams that get stress levels soaring in students. Entrance tests to professional courses that require extra coaching also have the same effect. “Most students face two kinds of pressure: one due to the board examinations and the other due to competitive exams.’’

Some students honestly feel that  they  would not have any time to relax after the board examination as they  have to prepare for a series of competitive exams, including the All-India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental papers and the IIT-JEE. “Why on earth can’t the syllabus for entrance tests also be incorporated in the regular college syllabus so that students don’t require additional coaching?’’ ask some parents.

It is the combination of entrance tests and board exams that some students are finding it difficult to handle.. Students have often held their teachers solely responsible for suicide. “I will come back as a ghost and harass my teacher,’’ the suicide note left behind by a student from a prestigious Bangalore school said.

Some students have discovered other mechanisms to deal with the pressure, like running away from home or simply refusing to appear for exams.

Exam fear is similar to a wave. It starts with the announcement of the exam date, rises to the peak on the night prior to the exam and dips down as the exam is over. The night before the exam is a terror with the pressure of so many things to cover at the last minute. When the question paper is received, the mind seems to become blank with anxiety until the process of writing answers begins. This fear may continue till the day of the results. The entire condition is referred to as ‘Exam Fear’.

Before you start overcoming fear of exams, it is important that you find the reason of fear. The cause of fear varies from student to student and only when you identify the trigger can you adopt a solution. The common causes that might be flowing inside you include:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear due to low self-confidence

Eliminating fear lies in the hands of the student. It is all dependent on how you utilize your potential. Every individual has gotten the same brain from god; it is just that successful people utilized it in the most efficient manner. Never fear failure and be confident of the self. Winners don’t do different things; they just do things differently.

Steps for overcoming fear of exams

As soon as you face the problem of how to overcome fear of exam, it is important that you remember these steps and implement them:

  1. Plan it.According to a popular saying, “If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.” Therefore, it is extremely vital to plan every activity being performed. Plan your study schedule and know what you are going to do when.
  2. Start preparations in advance.Your study schedule should be planned in a manner that you are well prepared on the day of the exam. Try and solve previous year papers and online test series. This can only be done if you start in advance and have proper time with no last minute panics.
  3. Time managementis the key to success and the factor that distinguishes winners from losers. The ability to manage time is crucial while preparing for exams and while attempting questions.
  4. Understand conceptsand don’t just learn in parrot-fashion. If you ever forget sentences that you have mugged up, answering the question properly will become a challenge.
  5. Plan breaks during study schedule.Studies have shown that topics studied in the beginning and in the ending are recalled for long time. So remember to take breaks at regular intervals and plan lots of starts and ends.
  6. Indulge in routines of physical exercise.The flow of blood into the brain improves when your body exercises. This way you can concentrate more and for longer.
  7. Study when it is suitable for you.Do not follow tips on exam preparation given by others when it comes to time of study. You may be a morning person who can grasp more in the refreshed environment while another student may be a night person who can finish topics quickly at the end of the day. Study as per your convenience.

The intensity of exam fear varies from person to person depending on how prepared they are. Just be ready and there will no longer be any exam fear.

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