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A article for PUC Physics Students

A article for PUC Physics Students:
Hello students, being a physics trainer I would like to tell you something.
Two very important things you should kept in mind while studying physics.
1. Don’t get scared of the subject.
2. Play with subject like you play a “Candy crush” in your mobile. (Why?)
 First point , if you got scared with physics, you will start mugging up the derivations and formulae.
I request you, don’t do it. I understand it’s not that easy, like once you read everything you remember. But if you are scared and read then definitely you will remember a single line of derivation.
 Secondly, play with this subject as you play a “Candy Crush” in you mobile. Now, how to do that?
In this game, you will try to make a group of same candy, similarly in physics too you have to link each and every line of the derivations and then see the ‘Magic’? Like you score points in a game, same way you will start scoring in physics too and that’s my promise. So with this giving somse tips how to study physics (Especially derivations & Formulae).
1. Read each & every line of derivation 3-4 times, then try to write it once I n your own langgauage without referring a book.
2. Logically remember every formula such as if
V= IR from where it come?
The reason is V α π (voltage is directly proportional to current)
Now to remove proportionality sign we have to put a constant, which is ‘R’ here. Therefore the equation becomes V=IR where R= Resistance.
3. And try to solve different types of problems so that if anything comes in examination (obviously they will shuffle problems every time),you will be able to solve it nicely.
Believe me, go through these tips and try them. 100% guarantee that you will score in physics. And after reading this also, if you have a doubt, you are welcome to “ Elite IIT”. Let’s meet….!!!
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